Birks Cinema - glass lobby

The Birks Cinema

Dundee Institute of Architects Design Awards 2013
• Supreme Design Award
• Best Client Award

The Art Deco Birks Cinema closed over 30 years ago but has now been renovated and reopened as a state of the art digital cinema after a 7-year campaign by the local community that raised 1.8 million. The project received a Town Centre Regeneration Fund grant at a critical time plus grants from the Scottish Rural Development Fund, The Big Lottery, Creative Scotland, the Griffin Wind Farm Community Fund and many other private sources.

The cinema is located within the Aberfeldy Conservation Area but it is not listed and so we were able to form new large openings in the west side, using retro Crittall steel windows, that let light and sunshine in and open up the views out to the town square.

Birks Cinema on YouTube
The Birks Cinema, Aberfeldy
(short video with music)

An animated tour through the renovated Birks Cinema, Aberfeldy
(3D animation)

Birks Cinema • glass lobby
Birks Cinema - glass lobby
Birks Cinema - reception desk
Birks Cinema - cafe
Birks Cinema - gallery bar
Birks Cinema - auditorium
Tower Buildings, Station Road
Birnam, Perthshire PH8 0DS

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