Coldrochie: SW view


Built in 2009 this new house is extremely energy efficient and has a high standard of ecological design specification with an Environmental Impact Rating of A.

The floors, walls and roof all exceed the energy conservation standards required in the building regulations. The house is heated by a wood pellet boiler and has solar thermal panels to preheat the domestic hot water.

This is the first house that we have had tested for air-tightness during the construction.

The use of cement, a high embodied energy material, was deliberately limited to the foundations and substructure. All of the superstructure is timber and the walls and roof have a wood fibre based cladding board imported from Germany as this is not currently manufactured in the UK.

The 'breathing' walls have a lime render finish with cellulose insulation between the timber frame, and the internal service void has sheep's wool insulation.

Coldrochie • SW view
Coldrochie SW view
Coldrochie NW view
Coldrochie main living room
Coldrochie dining area and screen to deck
Coldrochie view from kitchen
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