Flanders Moss: the boardwalk

Flanders Moss

Shortlisted for
RIAS Awards 2012

Flanders Moss Nature Reserve near Stirling is the largest 'raised bog' in Britain. It is managed by Scottish Natural Heritage who have constructed a 900m boardwalk and commissioned the new viewing tower to give visitors an elevated view to appreciate the spectacular views over the moss.

Constructed in green oak, with some posts over 8m long, the structure sits on a steel platform resting on steel mini piles driven 10m down through the peat moss into the clay below.

To find out more about Flanders Moss try the Blog from the Bog posted by the Reserve Manager David Picket.

Howard Liddell was involved at the start of this project.

Flanders Moss • the boardwalk
Flanders Moss: the boardwalk
Flanders Moss: the tower with moss and hill beyond
Flanders Moss: the viewing tower and birch woodland
Flanders Moss: the view across the moss from the top
Flanders Moss: 7 flights of stairs for ambulant and disabled persons
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