David Douglas Pavilion: under canopy

David Douglas Pavilion

The David Douglas Pavilion is one of the central features in the Explorers Garden at Pitlochry Festival Theatre. It was designed as a tribute to David Douglas, the world famous 19th century plant hunter from Perthshire, and to raise awareness on the use of sustainable homegrown timber.

The entire superstructure is constructed in Scottish timber. The main structural posts and beams, roof decking, wall framing, cladding and viewing deck are all in untreated Douglas Fir. The roof finish is sawn larch shingles from selected heartwood. The windows and doors have been made in laminated Scottish oak. Ash and elm boarding has been laid in the floor.

David Douglas Pavilion • under canopy
David Douglas Pavilion: under canopy
David Douglas Pavilion: work in progress
David Douglas Pavilion: eaves detail
David Douglas Pavilion: entrance beam detail
David Douglas Pavilion: access view
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