Kirk Park: view from south west

Kirk Park

Kirk Park is an example of an affordable rural house built for a local family in 2001 with the assistance of a Rural Home Ownership Grant from Communities Scotland. The contract cost of 70,000 included the access track, electrical supply, private water and drainage.

The three bedroom house has a compact ground floor plan (76 sq.m) but does not feel small due to the full height living room and gallery (originally with loft ladder access but later with a stair to add another 40 sq.m).

With a natural slate roof the general form is designed to fit in with the local vernacular of single storey cottages. The construction is timber framed breathing walls with cellulose insulation and weatherboard cladding, a highly insulated roof and timber ground floor.

A small condensing combi-boiler, fueled by LPG, provides hot water and occasional central heating – rarely needed as there is a centrally located wood-burning stove. Running costs for the heating and electricity are currenty reported at about 25 per week.

Kirk Park • view from south west
Kirk Park: view from south west
Kirk Park: gallery windows
Kirk Park: east elevation
Kirk Park: kitchen dining
Kirk Park: view from south
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