Camas Centre: view over the rear of the centre

Camas Centre

The Camas Centre is an outdoor activity centre operated by the Iona Community and based in old quarrymen's cottages in a remote bay on the Isle of Mull, twenty minutes' walk from the road end over moorland. Camas provides accommodation and hospitality for up to 28, with an emphasis on simple lifestyle and closeness to nature.

An extensive refurbishment has been completed to provide improved facilities both for the staff and the groups of visitors. Without vehicular access to the site this proved to be logistically challenging as bulky materials had to be brought in by boat.

Due to the unreliability of the private water supply a mains supply was installed requiring a 2km connection pipe from the road.

To maintain the simple lifestyle, mains electricity has not been installed and a 6kW wind turbine provides adequate power for emergency use with very limited amenity lighting and heating to enable staff to be on site year round. Solar panels provide additional hot water particularly in the visitor season and an Aquatron sewage separator enables the solid human waste to be composted.

Howard Liddell was involved at the start of this project.

Camas Centre • view over the rear of the centre
Camas Centre: view over the rear of the centre
Camas Centre: 3D montage
Camas Centre: the launch
Camas Centre: 3D from south
Camas Centre: 6kW wind turbine
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